Flooring that Reflects Passion !


Polished Concrete Flooring


Commercial businesses know that their choice in floors must be able to stand up to the wear and tear of constant traffic.  Concrete flooring is the best choice for businesses.  Concrete wears very well, offering years, even decades of use with very little maintenance.  It is resistant to scratches and scuffs.  The cost is considerably less than other commercial flooring solutions.  Compare concrete to VCT. VCT is costly, tends to curl and peel over time, and is not attractive.  VCT gives floors a dated look.  Concrete flooring is economical, never curls or peels and has a crisp, clean look that can be used in applications that are ultra-modern to country and cozy.

Concrete flooring is an excellent choice for residential flooring.  It is extremely durable, standing up to pets, kids and spills like no other flooring can.  Concrete flooring has no seams, gaps or anything permeable.  This means that crumbs don't disappear into the abyss of crevices found in hardwood and tile flooring.  There is no spill that can't be wiped up.  Spills on carpeting soak through immediately to the pad, creating odors, mildew and  constant staining of the carpet even after steam cleaning or shampooing.  Concrete floors are also economical, allowing you to have a beautiful, functional floor for less cost.