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Factoring life cycle costs


Even though sustainability has taken on a larger role in flooring selection, it is only one factor in the decision-making process. As always, cost carries a lot of weight. But when life-cycle costs are considered, alternate products can come out looking good.  For this reason we have seen a trend to move to decorative concrete flooring options.

The initial cost for VCT may be $1.20 or $1.50 per square foot, while rubber may be $4 or $5.50, and linoleum $3 or $4. The cost to maintain and clean the floor over 15 years, VCT will cost $24,000, rubber may be $8’000 and carpet can be expensive with cleaning and constant replacement in high traffic areas. For both sustainability reasons and life-cycle costs, there may be a reason to make other choices.”

Of course, it can be difficult for facility executives to get the money for a product with a higher first cost and a lower life-cycle cost. However, most facility executives will wait to change a floor rather than settle for a solution that is cheaper but will not work for them over time.

Last Updated on Feb262014