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Concrete Sealers

Using the latest in concrete sealing chemistry, designers work with their clients to formulate the best solution for each unique application.

Concrete is a wonerful surface to work with in designing both indoor and outdoor surfaces.  Properly finishing the concrete with state of the art sealers add to the durability and life of the surface.  Sealers work to block moisture, stains and wear upon the surface.  Moisture is any flooring's worst enemy, a sealant barrier will keep water, and other hazards from damaging the concrete surface.  Stains can be repelled with a properly installed sealant system.  The coating seals the pores of the concrete, helping to make it impervious to stains that would otherwise ruin another type of flooring.  The use of concrete coatings and sealants also extend the life of the floor surface. 

Available sealers include:

Densifiers, which help to increase the surface strength and reduce porosity in the concrete.  This is a standard product for polished concrete floors.

Moisture mitigation and vapor barriers

Economical Dust reducers

Gloss sealers, Increase light reflection and improve aesthetics